About Us

about us

A box of happy picked out for you!sweet5

Kewel is what we love and Kewel is what you will get! But not just any old Kewel – this is great Kewel; packed full of themed collectables ranging from horror scaries to Disney fairies.

Chosen with care and curated with pride a Kewel Box contains collectables from some of the biggest names in the business, together with some handpicked goodies and Kewel Box exclusives.

Add to your cowhamllections and ramp up the happy – enjoy, play, collect and smile, but most of all be Kewel!!

Kewel Boxes are brought to you by friends who love everything geek, sci fi, superhero, comic book, pop culture, horror and nerd, in conjunction with our families who having finally taken the “can’t beat em join em approach” are now official testers, finders and helpers.
We hope because we love it – so will you. If a meal cooked with love tastes better then a Kewel Box packed with a sprinkle of it must be good….right?sweet2

We know that Kewel Boxes bring something different every month and knowing that not everyone loves the same stuff, but wanting to bring to our boxes something for everyone, at the top of every list is always choice, and that is where we want to excel – if you only want 3 out of 6 months that’s fine, because you got 3 months of things you love!

Got an idea for a box theme we REALLY want to hear from you – if we use your theme idea you will get that box free! Drop us a line at info@kewelboxes.com – we are like excitable Labradors when folk talk to us!